Easter baskets are cool for older kids, but mostly ignored by babies. That said, as a mama, I know it's...
Easter baskets are cool for older kids, but mostly ignored by babies. That said, as a mama, I know it's hard to resist creating a cute little basket for your baby. Following is what you should do to create a safe and fun Easter basket for your little one.


First read up on the basics of Easter safety for your baby - some tips about baskets are offered. SAFE BASKET TIPS:
  • Use shredded paper instead of grass as a lining for the basket. OR go sans Easter grass; your baby won't notice.
  • Make sure the basket you choose has smooth edges. Some rustic baskets are cute, but have sharp edges that can cut your baby's skin.
  • If you tie a ribbon round the basket make sure it's on good and tight. Your baby will like to see a nice bright bow, but if it comes undone, it can pose the risk of getting wrapped around your baby's neck or your baby could choke if he tries to much the ribbon down. Knot the bow on tight and don't leave much overhang (end of ribbon).
WHAT TO PUT IN THE BASKET: NOT candy. Babies can have some chocolate (not small or hard) if you supervise, but really there aren't any other good candy choices for a baby. Stick to other fun items. Baby onesies and cute spring-minded clothing make great Easter gifts. So do stuffed pals with no small parts. I found some nice baby Easter gifts you can snag at local stores (it's a little late to order online). The following items are both available at Babies R Us or Toys R Us


Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter


Fisher-Price Barnyard Bowling - yeah you'd need a bigger basket, but super fun!

The following are available at Target: 


Playskool Lil’ Jiggle Garden Play Set


Playskool Clipo Feature Hippo


Lamaze Musical Inchworm

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