Birth is funny business. It's one of the only times I can think of where you go through the marathon...
Birth is funny business. It's one of the only times I can think of where you go through the marathon of your life, and immediately after you're expected to kick work-like activity into high gear. There's so much to newborn baby care - it's a FT job!


With all the baby care you've got to do, relaxing after the birth may be the last thing on your mind. BUT keep in mind; if you don't take some time to relax, the feelings of pressure and exhaustion that most new parents feel will only get worse with time. Plus, you may not heal properly, or it could take you a long time to heal; especially if you had many birth interventions or a traumatic situation at the birth. To chill out after pregnancy try the following: Get help: I hope this goes without saying, but having help after the birth is essential. As a new mama, you should be resting, not giving 110% to the baby and household tasks. Hire a postpartum doula or nanny, enlist your pals, have your own mama come to stay for a couple of weeks, and make sure you give your partner some of the responsibility. Move: Moving around, even minimally is important. If you're in bed resting because of a c-section try wriggling and stretching your legs and arms. Becoming stiff won't help you to relax. Drink up: Stay hydrated with plenty of water. Fluids will prevent constipation - and constipation will make relaxing super hard. Also, water will help you to feel a little more energized and you'll have an easier time breastfeeding. Soak in the tub: Add some lavender essential oil to a nice tub of water and soak daily. Clear your mind and practice some deep breathing. Sleep: Fact - sleep when your babe sleeps. Everyone says this, and it's true. You'll feel much more relaxed if you get some sleep. Forget all the other stuff: In the first few weeks after the birth, no-one is going to care if your house is a mess or if you forget to return calls. Concentrate on your baby and your own well-being before all else. That other stuff is non-issue. Also read: Zen mama - mindful meditations for relaxation

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