Yesterday we looked at how to manage an emergency baby delivery. Today, what to do if an emergency or complication...
Yesterday we looked at how to manage an emergency baby delivery. Today, what to do if an emergency or complication pops up during an emergency baby delivery. Note that this post and the previous post are not meant to prepare you for things like an unassisted birth or home birth. These are tips for an emergency only; something you should also discuss with your care provider. Call 911: As noted in the last post, if you're involved in an emergency birth, call 911 right away. This way if an emergency during this emergency happens, help is already on the way. Umbilical cord around the neck: As noted in the previous post, if you see a cord around the neck don’t panic. Gently hook your finger under the cord, and work it over the baby’s head. You want to do this hooking motion quickly but gently. IF the cord won't slip easily over the baby's head, quit trying and continue with the birth. Don't cut the cord. If the baby seems stuck in the birth canal: This is most likely to happen with the shoulder part of the delivery (after the head). If the baby's shoulders seem stuck you should tell the mama to push very hard. You can also press down on the mama's lower abdomen (just above the pubic hair). Sometimes a change in leg position can help too. Have the mama pull her legs back towards her chest while keeping her knees apart. Whatever you do, do not pull on the baby. If the baby is born but not breathing or crying: Turn the baby head down and slap the soles of his feet. Then rub his back quickly up and down. If the baby is still not breathing, give two short and quick puffs of air - breathe into his mouth and nose (place your mouth over both at the same time). Keep trying to stimulate the baby until help arrives. If the mama loses consciousness after the birth: Check to make sure she is breathing. If she is breathing, she may just be exhausted (common) so keep checking on her but assuming help is on the way, you can let her rest. If she's not breathing, place the baby wrapped in a warm cloth down in a safe place and start CPR on the mama. If the mama is bleeding after the birth: This is normal. Encourage the mama to breastfeed in order to stimulate contractions in the uterus which helps calm bleeding. You can also massage the abdomen which stimulates the uterus as well. This may hurt the mama, but bleeding excessively will hurt her far more than massaging her uterus will. If you see that the blood is coming from an exterior vaginal skin tear apply direct pressure with a sterile piece of gauze or as another resort a clean cloth of any type. Cutting the cord: This actually is not an emergency. You can leave the cord safely attached until medical help arrives. IF medical help is a long way off you can cut and tie the cord - learn how. Learn more:

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