When it comes to pregnancy exercise and post-pregnancy exercise we all need a few cheats. Most of us are not...
When it comes to pregnancy exercise and post-pregnancy exercise we all need a few cheats. Most of us are not going to do a set exercise routine each and every day, no matter how healthy it might be for us. What you can and can't count as exercise:  YES - Shopping!: Shopping can count as exercise. Hit the mall, walk the whole length of said mall and shop for all the cute baby gear you need. That's a lot of walking. If you hit the grocery store at a non-busy time, you can walk faster through the less crowded store and count that as exercise too. NO - Sex: Sex is movement sure, but even non-pregnant wild sex is not quite enough movement to burn calories effectively and you're not working muscles in a way that counts as a work-out. By all means, have some killer pregnancy sex, but don't count it as your daily workout. YES - Cleaning House: Not the most fun of all the exercise cheats, but mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and more all burns calories and is like a great walking work-out (who cleans while sitting down?). MAYBE - Gardening: Gardening is fun but not always the best work-out. Unless you have a BIG garden, count puttering in the garden as good for veggies and flowers but not as official exercise. On the flip side, major garden tasks do burn more calories and work muscles. Think tasks like digging, pushing wheel barrels, and hauling bags of soil. NO - Childcare: I always see these articles that say things like, "Oh I lost all my baby weight chasing my other kids around." This is a semi-false statement. Childcare really doesn't work major muscles and it's not THAT active. Especially when you consider that most little ones like to stop and go (and often move slower than adults). You know how childcare does help you lose the baby weight? It makes you too busy to eat. It works, but it's not healthy at all. Fit in food, childcare, and a daily workout for the best health. Visit a health calculator to see how many calories various activities burn.

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