Naps, for parents are lifesavers. You get a nice little break in the middle of the day and your...


Naps, for parents are lifesavers. You get a nice little break in the middle of the day and your baby gets refreshed so he can be the little angel you know he is. That said, not all naps work out. Sometimes your baby may sleep but wake up cranky. Sometimes he may fuss and fight naps, even when you know he needs one. Here's how to make each nap count... Know how much sleep your baby needs: You can't really give naps to a newborn, because they're random sleepers. Just allow your newborn to sleep whenever. When your baby is about 4 months he can gain benefits from a normal nap time but still may be randomly tired. At the age of 6 months plus, your baby can have both a morning and afternoon nap time and will likely be awake the rest of the time. Aim for sort of the same time each day: Sort of, because naps tend to occur in the middle of the day when you may have appointments or errands. It's hard to hit the same nap time each day, but if you get close, your baby will likely sleep better. Don't ignore nighttime sleep: Nighttime sleep does not make up for a lack of a nap. You can't catch up on sleep. If your baby doesn't sleep well at night, he may not have good naps either. Try creating a decent nighttime schedule and use smart bedtime techniques to ensure sweet dreams at night and a better nap the next day. Keep the nap space dark and chill: If you can, get some heavy curtains to block light, play soothing music or white noise, and scent the space for a more relaxing nap time. Don't be too peppy: You know how people can seem annoying when you're tired? Well, your baby thinks so too. If your baby wakes up cranky from a nap, don't be a cheerleader. Ease him back into the day with a story, a quiet game, some slow exercise (like baby bicycling legs), or some cuddling.

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