While it's best to breastfeed, not all mamas do and that's ok. You're still a good mama if you...


While it's best to breastfeed, not all mamas do and that's ok. You're still a good mama if you bottle feed and your baby will still grow up happy and healthy. Bottle feeding also allows for your partner to feed your baby, which can be a great bonding time for them. That said, it is healthier and best to at least try breastfeeding. Many women quit simply because they don't get the support they need. If this is you, try getting some help before you give up on breastfeeding altogether. What if you bottle feed? Bottle feeding tips: Choose non-toxic baby bottles. Toxic baby bottles are a huge no no. Never put cereal, sugary juices, or cows milk in a bottle. You can pump breastmilk, feed your baby formula, or locate a milk bank. Talk to your baby's pediatrician about which formula is best for your baby. Know that formula does not influence sleep. Breastfed and bottle fed babes sleep about the same amount. Always check the temperature of the formula before giving it to your baby. Use the inside of your wrist or arm. You want lukewarm formula (or even cold) over hot. Hold your baby as you feed. You can still have a close, loving feeding, even with a bottle. Never simply prop up a bottle by your baby. Hold your babe in a semi-upright position when feeding. This allows less air from the bottle to get into your baby, which can cause gas and crying. Switch sides at each feeding. When breastfeeding, you'd switch sides naturally. When bottle feeding you should switch too because this allows your baby's eyesight and neck muscles to develop equally on each side.

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