Labor is not the time to forget something essential. If you're having a home birth, you have all you need...
Labor is not the time to forget something essential. If you're having a home birth, you have all you need at home. However, if you're having a hospital or birthing center birth, you'll want to pack some essentials. Non-skid slippers: You could just take socks, but hospital floors are super slick. Non-skid slippers are way better. Walking is a great way to perk up labor and helps take the edge off the pain, so you'll want to walk to halls. However, the last thing you need is a fall. Pack those slippers. A great but oldish robe: On the walking note, take a robe too. One that is long and that totally wraps around you. Don't take anything you adore too much - it's going to possibly get blood and other ickies on it. I bought a nice robe at a thrift store specifically for labor. Hair ties: Yes, hair ties are things of the 80s but trust me, if you have long hair, at some point during labor you'll want it out of your face. Hair clips and barrettes are no good in labor because if you lay back, the hair clip pokes you. A soft hair tie or head band keeps your hair out of the way, without the pain. Your own pjs: After the baby comes, you'll want to shower and change. You'll be more comfortable in your own pjs than the stuff provided by the hospital. Make sure you take a nice roomy shirt to make breastfeeding easier. A nursing bra: To be honest, I didn't wear a bra in the hospital - too much trouble. However, if you know you'll feel better in a bra, take a nursing bra to make breastfeeding easier. Maternity clothes: After your baby comes, the extra weight doesn't just vanish. I'd take some 2nd trimester maternity pants plus a belt. If that's too traumatic, take some stretchy and comfortable pants - like exercise pants with an elastic waistband. Learn more: If you’re having a hospital birth pack your bag with all the essentials. If you’re having a home birth, read this handy home birth equipment list.

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