Baby eczema (or dry skin) is a pretty common childhood condition. I once read that eczema is actually THE most...
Baby eczema (or dry skin) is a pretty common childhood condition. I once read that eczema is actually THE most common child skin condition to occur. What is baby eczema?: Dry, red, extra-sensitive skin that may look like a rash or rough patches on your baby's skin. Eczema can occur anywhere on your baby's body but it's common on the forehead, cheeks, and scalp. How to deal with baby eczema:  One problem with eczema is that it can cycle. Your baby may get eczema, then because of rubbing (from hands or clothing) the skin can become even more inflamed and red, causing another cycle of dry skin. Obviously it pays to avoid rubbing the area affected by eczema. I.e. avoid too tight clothing, and try to divert your little one's attention if he is continually rubbing the area. Try having some naked baby time daily so that your baby's skin can breath. Avoid daily baths. Your baby is just not that grungy, and all that water doesn't help. Baths should happen no more than every other day. anc_honeybabyshampoo.jpgIn the bath use a fragrance-free, gentle, detergent free baby wash. One good one is Free and Clean Herbal Honey Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. Moisturize your baby once or twice daily with a fragrance-free and gentle lotion like Cheeky Baby Butter. However, keep in mind that lotion can irritate some skin types. If the eczema gets worse, try laying off the lotion.


Dress your baby in organic cotton clothing - or just plain cotton, vs. harsh lacy or rough fabrics. If eczema is occurring on the face, it may be because your baby is teething. The constant drool from teething means his skin may be overly wet all the time, which can lead to extra red and dry skin. Try putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly on his chin and cheeks. Wash your baby's clothing, blankets, and toys in a mild laundry soap. Personally I really like Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Powder. If your baby's skin does not start to clear up or flare-ups keep happening, talk to your baby's pediatrician. If your baby has major eczema, he may need a mild steroid cream. Also read: Deal with baby dandruff

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