Once your baby is ready to start solids you may be wondering if you need to give up breastfeeding. Nope....
Once your baby is ready to start solids you may be wondering if you need to give up breastfeeding. Nope. Even though your baby is starting solids, many of his nutritional needs can and should still be met by breastfeeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies be breast-fed for six to 12 months, so as you start solids, breast milk is still important. When to feed: You can breastfeed your tot before or after a meal of solid food. I always fed my baby before, because I didn't want him to fill up on solids and miss out on the benefits of breastfeeding, but most of the medical community agrees that your baby should still be interested in breastfeeding even if he's just ate. That said, the choice is up to you and your baby. Can your baby switch to cow's milk when he starts solids?: He shouldn't. The only acceptable alternative to breast milk is bottle feeding with infant formula as noted by the AAP. For a full year the only thing your baby should be drinking is breast milk, formula, water, and once in a while juice if you like. No cow or soy milk. My baby started solids and now he won't breastfeed!:  Some babies become enthralled with solids, so much so, that they may lose temporary interest in breast milk. It's not too common in my experience, but I have seen this happen. Basically, if this happens I'd suggest breastfeeding before a meal of solid food. Also, the few times I've seen this happen, it's very temporary. Your baby will get over the novelty of solids and remember how cool breast milk is. The opposite thing that can happen is that your baby may ONLY want to breastfeed. Of course any and all questions about breastfeeding when starting solids should be discussed with your baby's pediatrician.

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