Babies can seem really angry at times. A major issue is they don't have the words to express things...

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Babies can seem really angry at times. A major issue is they don't have the words to express things like frustration, tiredness, and anger, so they cry, pout, scream, and generally can drive the average parent nutty. What helps is knowing your baby's triggers. Some things that can make a baby act angry:
  • Hunger.
  • A messy diaper.
  • Overstimulation.
  • Boredom.
  • Tiredness.
  • Too tight clothing.
  • Hats - ok maybe hats only mad my baby mad, but still.
  • And more...
What your little one may do when he's angry:
  • Scream or cry.
  • Refuse to eat.
  • Fight sleep.
  • Older babies may strike out - hit, bite, or kick at you.
What you can do: If you know what triggers anger in your tot, you can avoid those situations for the most part. For example, as noted above, hats really did make my son angry - and I mean hysterically so. Thus, even in the cold of winter, I had to just toss a blanket over his head if we went out. Hats were a huge no no. Cedar also didn't love new people and would withdraw and if pushed to interact get very angry. I used to warn people about him, "Don't ask him stuff until he approaches you" so that he'd stay chill. The last thing that made Cedar really mad was when I had no idea what he wanted. He was a late talker, and sometimes no amount of pointing led me to figuring out what he needed. During times like this, all you can do is empathize with your baby, try to figure out his needs, and be patient. If you know that 3pm playtime instigates a melt-down, have calm story time at 3pm instead of active play. Watch for triggers, learn them, and then avoid. If your baby seems mad for no apparent reason, the likely culprit is something basic; he needs a diaper, food, sleep, or some cuddle time. To learn more about handling baby melt-downs read...

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