Babies are adorable, no doubt, but right when your baby is born, you may think, "Hey, that baby I...


Babies are adorable, no doubt, but right when your baby is born, you may think, "Hey, that baby I had looks a little funny." No worries - all newborns are a little odd looking. (Still beautiful to parents - but yes, odd). Newborn features: He will look all prune-like. Newborns are super wrinkly. Your baby has been all smooshed up in your belly for nine month+ so it's no wonder he's not smoothly stretched out. Soon enough his wrinkle will smooth out. He'll be covered in white stuff! This is a super odd sight if you've never seen a newborn before. All newborn babies are covered in what's called vernix - a white, sticky, waxy coating. Vernix serves a very important purpose. During pregnancy, the vernix protects your baby's skin from the amniotic fluid. After the birth, vernix is easy enough to wipe away, although some people believe that rubbing the vernix into the baby's skin is healthy - like a natural moisturizer. You can choose to do this if you like. You may give brth to a cone-head. If you had to fit an eight pound body through a generally small vaginal opening, you'd have a cone-head too. C-section babies won't have a cone-head, but if your vaginally born baby does, no worries, his head will become round within the first week or two. Your baby may have REALLY bad skin. Don't panic if you see things like splotches, red marks, little white spots, or rashes. All of these are common in newborns. These sort of marks often fade away within the first few days (although can take up to a few weeks to clear). In spite of the weirdness of your newborn baby's features, trust me, you'll still think he's the best thing since sliced bread. Have you had a baby? What did you think was odd about his looks at birth?

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