You hear stories of instant baby-parent bonding, which might make you think that you should have the same experience....

baby bonding

You hear stories of instant baby-parent bonding, which might make you think that you should have the same experience. However, baby-parent bonding is different for everyone. You may in fact bond instantly, but you might not, and there's nothing wrong with that. Issues that can affect early bonding:  Your baby is premature or sick at birth - you may not bond as quickly because you have other things on your mind or because you're protecting yourself (i.e. you're worried that something will happen to your baby so you try not to get attached). You're sick or stressed when your baby is born. The hormones your body makes during pregnancy can negatively affect the bonding process. You had medications (pain relief) during labor. Drugs can affect your mood and body, and sometimes make bonding harder. You don't get to see your baby right away. For example, I had complications during labor, and when my son was born he had some problems breathing, so the doctors took him away. I didn't even get to see him when he was born, and for the first couple of days, I felt semi-detached from the entire situation. We totally bonded eventually, but in my opinion, we might have bonded faster had we been together from the start. You are exhausted. Don't underestimate the affect that tiredness can have on you. Extremely tired people find it hard to do many tasks, bonding included. You're not a baby person. Some people, even those who REALLY adore their kids, just aren't newborn people. Some parents are more comfortable with older babies and children. Some experts note that bonding can only occur for some parents after they get to know their baby's personality. Postpartum depression - for both parents. Dads can feel overwhelmed too. Next up some tips about how to help the bonding process and what to do if you're really feeling like you can't bond with your baby... Did you bond instantly with your baby? Or was it a slower process.

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