Breastfeeding is awesome for your baby and has health benefits for mamas too, but sometimes, it can be a...


Breastfeeding is awesome for your baby and has health benefits for mamas too, but sometimes, it can be a little stressful. Especially the time you have to invest in breastfeeding. It can seem like that baby is attached 24/7. When my son was tiny, there were days when all I wanted was ONE day sans breastfeeding, one stretch of sleep lasting more than three hours, one day with no feeding issues at all. While it's not easy to take a whole day off from breastfeeding or pumping, there are some ways you can cope. Learn to breastfeeding laying down: NUMBER 1 best tip ever. Learn this skill, and you can practically sleep and breastfeed at the same time. There's a learning curve to breastfeeding laying down, but you'll get it. If I hadn't mastered this, I'm betting I would have quit breastfeeding sooner. Co-sleep: If you co-sleep, you can breastfeed laying down (above) or simply pop up, feed your baby, and get back to sleep. Get a bassinet: If you don't co-sleep, make sure your baby is close by, not in another room. Place a bassinet or baby cradle by your bed for easy baby access. Get some help: A postpartum doula, a mom, a friend, a nanny, or your partner can do all the other stuff that needs done. They can also help by burping the baby after you feed him, change him, and so on, so you can rest. Get a decent breastfeeding pillow: This won't give you a break from feeding, but a pillow will give your back, arms, and neck a break from soreness which will help your mood. Pump some milk: This is an iffy tip, because if you pump milk, it's true, your partner can take one feeding shift, but that means you miss a feeding which leaves you feeling sort of too full of milk. It's a toss up for me. I know mamas who were just fine pumping and missing a feeding, but it bugged me more than it helped. You can try - results may vary :) Chin up: Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts you can give your baby, and keep in mind that your baby won't always eat so often. As your baby grows, you'll have more time between feedings, and it'll feel like heaven.

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