That would be yes. There are women every year who take the pill and still end up pregnant. Why? There...
That would be yes. There are women every year who take the pill and still end up pregnant. Why? There are various reasons: You forget to take your pill often. Even forgetting once can result in a pregnancy. What is usually recommended if you forget to take a pill, is to take it as soon as you remember OR take two the following day (the one you missed and your regular pill) and to use back up birth control like condoms. If you forget more than two pills in a cycle, you need to stop taking them, and start again on your new cycle. General advice aside, you should talk to your health care provider about what to do in case you forget a pill. You take your pill at random times of the day. Research shows the pill is more effective when taken at the same time each day. You take pills that aren't yours. Never take medication that hasn't been prescribed to you. Your girlfriend may have gotten a nice year's supply of pills and may feel like sharing a packet, but this is dangerous and it's not effective birth control planning. If you need a confidential and inexpensive place to get your own birth control pills, visit your local Planned Parenthood. You are on medication. Various medications can affect how well the pill works. Some medications that affect birth control pill effectiveness include antibiotics, anti fungal medications, some anti seizure medicine, some herbal pills and vitamins, and more. If your doctor prescribes a medication it's important that you mention you're on the pill, so your doc can tell you if your meds will cause a problem. Nothing is 100%. You may take that pill each day perfectly. You may never take other medications. You may still get pregnant. If you do take the pill perfectly, it is a pretty effective drug - some studies note up to 98% at pregnancy prevention, but there's no such thing as the perfectly working pill. What if you want to keep the baby?:  If you are on the pill and find yourself pregnant and you want to keep your baby, there's no reason to panic. The Mayo Clinic notes that "There's very little evidence that exposure to the hormones in birth control pills causes birth defects." You should stop taking the pill right away though and make a prenatal appointment with your health care provider. Do you know anyone who has gotten pregnant on the pill?

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