In the last post we looked at circumcision pros. Now it's time for some negative issues surrounding circumcision. Research...

Circumcision cons

In the last post we looked at circumcision pros. Now it's time for some negative issues surrounding circumcision. Research note the following circumcision cons:
  • The Mayo Clinic notes that surgical problems, while rare, still do occur. "Excessive bleeding and infection are uncommon, but possible. The foreskin may be cut too short or too long or fail to heal properly. If the remaining foreskin reattaches to the end of the penis, minor surgery may be needed to correct it."
  • If there are surgical problems a baby may be subjected to further treatments and antibiotics that their small bodies respond poorly to. I had a friend who went through this. Her son was circumcised and his doctor accidentally made a bad cut. Her baby lost a lot of blood, got an infection, and had to go on antibiotics which made him sick and he landed in the hospital. All in all, this one procedure turned into a two year problem for my friend's son, with medication, hospital stays, and more. This is RARE. However, be aware that issues like this can happen.
  • Circumcision is not a painless procedure. It does hurt a baby if he's not given proper local anesthesia. Additionally little is known about the pain babies feel during the healing process, but like any sensitive area recovering from surgery, it likely does hurt and or itch while healing.
  • Decreased sexual sensitivity in a circumcised penis. This is a common theory, but not well supported.
  • The glans on a circumcised penis can become irritated, which in turn can cause the penis opening to become too small. This can lead to urinary problems that may require surgery to correct. This is a rare occurrence however.
  • It's not natural - this is by far the largest people based argument against circumcision you'll hear. Parents and care providers who are against circumcision for this reason note, "Why cut something off that you're born with?" it doesn't make much sense.
  • There's no conclusive medical reasons to circumcise a baby. The average baby won't benefit from circumcision, not in any proven significant way, so why do it? In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) officially says that the benefits of circumcision aren't strong enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male babies. The AAP formally leaves the decision up to parents but does recommend pain relief for babies who do have the procedure.
Personally: I did not circumcise my son. I never even considered it for a second. Basically for two reasons - why cut off a body part that my son was born with and why expose a baby to pain when there's not a medical reason to do so? To be honest with you, while I support parent choice in this matter, I just don't see a good reason to have your baby circumcised unless there is a valid medical reason to do so. Now that we've looked at the pros and cons, tell me what you think? Are you going to circumcise your baby OR did you already circumcise your son? Why or why not. Maybe later I'll post some groups who are both for and against circumcision so that you can explore this topic further.

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