Circumcision is a highly personal topic. There are arguments both for and against. Pros and cons aside, a lot of...
Circumcision is a highly personal topic. There are arguments both for and against. Pros and cons aside, a lot of times I've seen families make decisions not based on the pros or cons at all, they simply do what their family has always done. For example in a family where the dad and his dad (and maybe his dad) were circumcised, a family may choose to go along with that plan. You should carefully weight the pros and cons of this decision though. It's not something you can take back, and while grown men can be circumcised, it's obviously a major decision and event to do so. Research currently notes the following pros of circumcision:  Can prevent balanitis - an infection that can occur. Can prevent phimosis - an issue where the foreskin cannot be retracted. Although, this only happens with improper hygiene and is very rare (1% of males over the age of 16). Cancer prevention (of both the penis, and of the cervix for women who have circumcised partners) is said to be one perk of circumcision, although research on this varies and it's not totally conclusive. Decreased risk of urinary infections during the early years. The Mayo Clinic notes, "The risk of urinary tract infections in the first year is low, but these infections may be up to 10 times as common in uncircumcised baby boys. Severe infections early in life can lead to kidney problems later on." Circumcised men may have a slightly lower risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases, but the research is not conclusive on this topic. Some people think that circumcised penises are easier to clean, but it's not a stretch to clean an uncircumcised penis either. Emotional benefits are noted such as a boy being able to relate how he looks to how his father looks, also some people think that a boy may feel more "in" with a circumcised penis because circumcision is so common. The flip-side of this issue is that circumcision is not as common as people think. In 2004 about 57% of all male newborns delivered in hospitals were circumcised, and the numbers have continued to drop since then. Many states are noted to be well under a 50% circumcision rate. So the whole, circumcision to look like others issue is becoming a non-issue. In the next post we'll look at some circumcision cons. 

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