If you're pregnant you've likely had some scary thoughts about labor. That's common. I'd be worried if you weren't at...


If you're pregnant you've likely had some scary thoughts about labor. That's common. I'd be worried if you weren't at all concerned about labor; a little worry shows you're thinking and probably planning. The problem is when your fears and worries about labor start to preoccupy your every thought, or you're so freaked you stay up all night thinking about it. That's not healthy. Four good ways to avoid too much labor fear: Turn your fear into a quest for knowledge: Learning about a topic, be it deep sea diving or giving birth allows you to turn your fear into know-how. Know-how is far less scary than the unknown. Grab a few great pregnancy books that discuss labor facts. Take a childbirth class. Ask your prenatal care provider plenty of questions. Once you start learning more about labor, once you've got the facts, it won't seem quite so scary. IGNORE others: Ignore all those horror stories that other mamas, god bless them, love to tell over and over again. It's good to get your story out - after the birth. However, for a pregnant mama, these birth war stories rarely sooth, and are likely to send an expecting mama into a frantic fear frenzy. Remember that your birth won't be like your girlfriend's birth. No matter what you hear, keep that in mind. Write your fears down: I'm an emotional journal keeper. I tend to only journal when things suck, when I'm sad, freaked, or angry. When I'm happy, I never feel like writing about my life, which is a little odd yeah, but that said, when I am upset or scared it does really help to get it out of me and onto paper. If writing is not your sort of deal, get your fears out by chatting about them with your partner, a friend, or your health care provider. This tasks is not meant to solve an issue, but is simply to allow you to vent. You'll feel better not having all those fears cooped up inside. Relax: Try a good prenatal yoga class. Yoga is not only relaxing but a good part of a pregnancy fitness routine. The fitter you are, the better your odds for a safer, easier birth. You'll learn to breathe deep, meditate, and engage in guided imagery in yoga. If there's no class near you try another daily relaxation technique. Stress can make fears seem worse, so relaxing regularly can calm labor fears. Do you have any fears about labor?

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