Some babies favor one breast over the other. No one really knows why. It could have to do with how...
Some babies favor one breast over the other. No one really knows why. It could have to do with how you hold your baby, how he likes the view, or that you've allowed him to favor one breast so much he's just in the habit. What your baby might do: 
  • Refuse to eat from one breast.
  • Cry if you try to feed him from the not favored breast.
  • Mess around instead of eat when on the less favorable side.
Why this is bad:
  • Your milk production is based on a pure supply and demand deal. If your one breast has no demand, that can result in less milk production and a lopsided appearance.
  • It can be a strain on your body to always cradle your baby on one side, not to mention a strain on that one breast.
  • It's hard to find a supportive bra that's two cup sizes - adding extra nursing pads to the less nursed side will help.
What you can try: 
  • You can try to feed your baby on the less favorable side. He may or may not play along. It could be that he's just in the habit, but will eat off both sides if you encourage him. You can try starting each feeding with the less desirable side. Your milk may be down on that side, so pumping, to build your supply can encourage a baby to eat.
  • It may not work though.
Why this is not so bad: 
  • It's not the end of the world to be a little lopsided. Once you wean, your breasts will likely settle down into an equal size.
  • There's no health reason why this is bad. I.e nothing is going to happen if you only let your baby eat on one side. No one will get sick or suffer any long term issues.
The final say: This is not one of those breastfeeding problems that warrants sleep loss. Your baby is healthy and eating and you'll be back to your normal breast size (one day). It's annoying, yes, but all in all, if this is your only breastfeeding issue, I'd say your doing really well with breastfeeding. Do you have a one side loving baby? 

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