1. Ditch bottles: With the average eco-friendly, non-toxic baby bottle coming in at $8 a pop, you can save...
save money on baby mealtime 1. Ditch bottles: With the average eco-friendly, non-toxic baby bottle coming in at $8 a pop, you can save a lot by ditching the bottles and simply breastfeeding. At least around $60 a year, and that's not counting formula. 2. Rent or borrow your breast pump: If you're pumping milk, you may not need to buy your own pump. Many hospitals rent out great pumps and if you have a close friend, who has a pump with a “closed pump system” you could borrow her pump. A close pump system means your milk will never come into contact with any of the actual pump machinery. You can also buy new tubing for the single use pumps, and that the likelihood of you catching something from a breast pump that’s been washed is seriously slim. 3. Learn to love a messy baby: Forget bibs and let your baby go naked for meals. Naked babies clean up in a flash with just a warm washcloth, no bib necessary. 4. Store leftover baby food safely: If you store food incorrectly you'll end up tossing it out. Make sure you know what baby food items save well and how to store it. 5. Make homemade baby food: Homemade baby food is way easier than you might think and saves you loads over store bought jars. Plus it's healthier. 6. Don't give into the cute dishes: I love cute baby gear, but honestly, it's not totally necessary. While I highly recommend you pick up some baby spoons (adult spoons won't work well when feeding a baby), you don't need tiny bowls and plates. Just use a bowl you already have. Preferably a non-breakable bowl. 7. Skip the sippy: Babies can learn to drink right from a cup. I've seen 11 month old babies who master this, so if you want, you can skip the whole sippy cup ordeal.


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8. Forget plastic baggies: Plastic baggies are like the calling card of all mamas everywhere. But it doesn't have to be this way. Plastic bags are terrible for the environment, cost a lot over all the years your baby is snacking, and you can't reuse them forever. Once your tot gets to the munchie snack stage, pick up some reusable (and adorable) fabric snack baggies. 9. Buy in bulk: You can get bulk dry cereal, oatmeal, raisins, and more from the bulk section of your grocery store, which saves you a lot of cash over boxed and bagged shelved goods. Do you have any mealtime money saving tips?

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