It's not so easy to find cool cupcake gear for an expecting mama. However there are a few nice cupcake...
It's not so easy to find cool cupcake gear for an expecting mama. However there are a few nice cupcake themed gifts around that a new mama would appreciate.


Pink Cupcake - Whipped Body Frosting With Shea, Mango Butters and Grapeseed Oil. This delightful gift is handmade, vegan friendly, and smells like "sugary pink buttercream frosting on top of a fresh-from-the-oven vanilla cupcake." Perfect for making a mama-to-be feel pampered and pretty (sometimes that larger than life belly makes you feel anything but feminine) this cream will help. Available at Spa Therapy.


Cupcake Polka Dot Sash diaper bag/tote. For the right mama, this is an ultra cute diaper bag option. The tote is made with cupcake fabric and chocolate durable twill, lined with chocolate and pink polka dot fabric, and has 3 pockets made from the cupcake fabric to hold all your baby gear, including bottles, wipe containers, and sippy cups. Available at Treasured Totes.


Cupcake Bubblebath or Cupcake Mini Bath Oil from Open Sundaes. Beautiful and decadent bubble soaps so a mama-to-be can have a nice relaxing bath soak. Available in loads of amazing soap flavors; cranberry, lemon drop, mint, peach, and more.


Wrap these gifts, and your cupcake baby gifts in this beautiful double sided Cupcakes & Chocolates Gift Wrap, shown above, from Whimsy.

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