I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I lost power, and am still pretty much home bound due to the...
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I lost power, and am still pretty much home bound due to the snow trapping my car here. On a positive note, I got plenty of exercise hiking to the store through the ice, and also, the snow appears to be melting. Yay. Hopefully you did have power, less snow, and a wonderful Christmas. If it was your baby's first, I hope you took lots of great pictures. On that note, I thought we'd kick off the after Christmas return, with some beautiful baby photo album choices. Why tackle serious pregnancy and baby news first; you know? If you have a wee babe, you absolutely need a photo album. Most likely you need more than one. Make sure you buy photo safe, acid free albums. You don't want to ruin your memories. Secondly, baby albums can get pricey, especially if you need many. Personally I'm up to about five HUGE ones, and keep in mind that my son is just seven years old, and I haven't even kept up like I should, so technically, I could be up to about seven or eight albums. A safe bet is to estimate one photo album per year. A good way to cut costs, is to purchase one or two extra lovely albums, and then get a few basic, thick photo albums. Here are some beautiful and acid free, photo safe options for your baby photo album and baby scrapbook splurges... 


Binth Baby Book - my favorite baby book of all time. Click the link to see the inside. The second book is the breathtaking Amy Butler Design Baby Memory Book.


Baby Moon Photo Album and Baby, Baby - A Modern Baby Book


Oliver's Nursery Photo Album and Molly's Nursery Photo Album - I love the clean lines and simple pretty designs of these memory books. Which album is your favorite?

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