Sorry that I've been missing folks; we've had power outages here all day. Let me tell you this snow is...
Sorry that I've been missing folks; we've had power outages here all day. Let me tell you this snow is getting old!I'm way stir crazy.


In any case, we can ignore the bad weather for a minute, and look at a common question; when to move your tot to a bigger bed. Usually what happens is your baby, who is not so much a baby anymore, learns to crawl up and over his crib rails and will escape the crib. This is obviously not the safest escape ever. Your baby could get really hurt climbing out of his crib. Most experts note that three years of age is the best time to move your tot to a toddler bed. According to research, three years of age is when your baby is developmentally ready for a big bed. However, I have some other ideas too. If you co-sleep, your baby may be ready for a big bed sooner. I never even owned a crib. My son co-slept with me and while I didn't want such a big bed that my son would fall out of, I did want him to have his own bed eventually. What we did was get a futon mattress without a frame, and laid it directly on the floor. My son loved this from a very early age. He used it as a play mat and a bed. Since it was a thinner futon, there was no worry of him falling out and getting hurt. You can also try a transition bed instead of a futon. If your almost toddler learns to crawl out of his crib, you may want to get a small travel kid size bed. Your tot can use this before transferring into a bigger bed. Lastly, as a money saving tip, try a crib that converts to a toddler bed. Safety: If you want to wait until your child turns three to move him AND he's climbing out of his crib, get a good mesh Crib Tent. If you move your baby to a floor bed before he's three years old, make sure you use secure bedding, such as a mattress cover that encases the entire mattress. This will stop your babe from becoming tangled in the sheet. One good idea is a waterproof zippered mattress cover - then you get protection from nighttime potty accidents too. For children under two who move to a bigger bed, don't allow pillows during sleep time. Pillows are not recommended for children until they're over two years of age in order to avoid suffocation issues. Do you have a toddler moving to a big bed soon? How are you planning his or her transition? Weather allowing, I'll be back soon with more handy pregnancy and baby tips. [image via stock.xchng]

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