This is a common question, one that many parents wonder about. The good news is that each baby is really...
This is a common question, one that many parents wonder about. The good news is that each baby is really on their own walking time line. There's no need to worry if your little one is still shuffling about on his knees at 11 months.


Typically babies start walking somewhere between 9 and 15 months. But even this broad time line can vary. Before your baby will start walking he'll have to master the following:
  • Pulling himself up to a standing position.
  • Standing, without falling over. He may stand upright while holding onto a table or he may be able to stand on his own.
  • Some cruising efforts - babies are more inclined to walk if they have a reason. Most babies love to follow things, such as a ball rolling across the floor, or a pull toy.
Why your baby may not walk sooner: My son walked and than ran pretty early. BUT he also was a late talker. He put all his baby efforts into movement, and ignored everything else. There are babies who will do the opposite though. A very vocal baby may be so busy mastering speech that he may walk later. A baby who spends his days trying to build a block tower may be too preoccupied to pull himself up for a stroll. Babies do have their own priorities, and sadly, no matter what we think, they'll focus on their own wants. Some babies really love to crawl, so they may not have interest in walking yet, while other babies skip the crawling stage entirely. When to worry: If by about 15 months...
  • Your baby has weak muscle tone.
  • Your baby shows NO interest at all in pulling himself up or walking.
  • Your baby cannot stand up, even when he's holding onto something, like you or a table leg.
You'll want to talk to your baby's pediatrician. The above issues could be nothing, but they also may indicate a problem. Most of all, try to relax. Baby skills develop on different time frames, and even for the rest of childhood, your little one will be unique in his activities and skills. Try not to compare him to his baby buddies.

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