While becoming a parent can be scary and confusing at times, there are many perks to becoming a parent; and...
While becoming a parent can be scary and confusing at times, there are many perks to becoming a parent; and not just that adorable baby smell.


You'll be a better driver: On one hand reports do note that baby distractions while driving are bad; however, on the other hand, I've seen race car like driving papas who chill considerably when they become a parent. Us mamas aren't immune either. In the far past, my best friend was a holy terror to drive with. As in I was scared every time I got into her car. Now, as a mama, she is the picture of perfect driving health. You'll learn to be social: If you've always been shy, becoming a parent will help to ease you out of that, and quickly. My previously mentioned best pal, the ex-bad driver, is as shy as they come. Since her daughter was born my friend does crazy stuff like dance in front of people at playgroups, and she'll chat with strangers about baby related bliss. If you were already outgoing, your social skills will still expand as you're introduced to a massive amount of parents and their various parenting styles. You get to re-read all the classics: The Giving Tree, Dr. Seuss, Goodnight Moon, and more. Remember these childhood classics from your childhood? It's fun to share them with new little ears. You get to tap into your inner creativity: I used to love art. As a brand new mama, I let that love of crafty stuff slide. BUT as my son grew, so did his interest in art. Clay, painting, coloring, and more; we've done it all. Your eyes will imagine new ideas as you teach your child about art. You'll be terribly efficient: Granted, not all parents get an A+ in efficiency, but overall, your multitasking skills will grow by leaps and bounds. Need to check your email, make a phone call, cook dinner, and take a shower in under 30 minutes? You'll be able to do all that and nurse the baby. Maybe not at first, but trust me, this skill will come. If you're a mama, you'll be smarter: Yup, studies note that this is fact not myth. Learn how to pump up mama brain power. What unexpected perks of becoming a parent have you found?

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