You probably own some washcloths. With this in mind, you may be thinking, "Are baby washcloths worth the extra expense?"...
You probably own some washcloths. With this in mind, you may be thinking, "Are baby washcloths worth the extra expense?" I shout an enthusiastic yes!


Baby washcloths are a little thing, something that you're maybe not thinking about, because face it, there's a lot of baby prep going on if your preggers. However, after my son was born, I was way glad I invested in a decent collection of baby-sized washcloths. Here's why...
  • Adult sized washcloths are simply too big for small babies. You have to use just one corner, which is harder to manage while holding a baby. Baby washcloths are the perfect size and thickness for cleaning little faces and baby crevices, and won't slip out of your hand as easily as large ones.
  • Adult sized washcloths tend to be rough. Baby skin is very delicate. While mamas tend to enjoy a good exfoliating scrub, babies don't. You can rub their skin a little too hard (without even knowing it) with a big washcloth.
  • Baby washcloths can easily be used instead of store bought baby wipes (at least at home) - which saves you money.
  • Baby washcloths are so small that oodles fit into the washing machine at once - also saving you money.
  • Baby washcloths are small enough to use for wiping tiny noses, while adult sized cloths tend to bury your baby's face.
  • Babies make some terribly icky stains on cloth. Unless you want to re-buy all your linens, I highly suggest purchasing baby washcloths, and keeping the adult washcloths for the less icky, less staining adults in the family.
  • Later you can recycled your baby washcloths into cleaning rags that are perfect for cleaning small crevices of your home. You can even use them to polish delicate furniture and computers because they're so soft and small.
Coming up, I'll gather some great baby washcloth sets for you to browse. Where do you stand on the baby washcloth issue - waste of money, or a good buy?

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