Early labor is the labor before the actual first stage of active labor. Early labor usually lasts anywhere from...
Early labor is the labor before the actual first stage of active labor. 624255_pregnant_woman.jpg Early labor usually lasts anywhere from 10 hours to a day, but it can be longer or shorter. If you're a first time mama, early labor lasts longer than if this is your second + baby. Here's what early labor might feel like... You may be having contractions on and off but they won't last long, won't be regular, and won't be too painful. It may feel more like a tightening around your belly or a dull period cramp. It may feel like your baby's head is pressing against your vagina, but you won't feel any need to push sensation. You may have to pee more. Annoying - you're having all these signs of labor, yet there's not much going on. It can be frustrating. Try to avoid clock watching. Get out and have a nice dinner with friends. Arrange the baby things one more time. Exciting - it's exciting to be in early labor. All these months of pregnancy are almost behind you and soon you'll be holding your baby in your arms. However, as excited as you are, I suggest you put in a DVD you've seen 900 times, chill and then GO TO SLEEP. You will need all your energy for the next few stages of labor. Three don't miss early labor actions: 
  1. Eat: gives you energy for the upcoming birth.
  2. Pee: leaves more room for your baby to happily descend downward.
  3. Drink: staying hydrated is important. Drink up so that in later labor stages you can avoid dehydration.
Repeat.... Bonus tip: If you hired a birth doula, now is the time to give her a call.

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