Almost every baby I've ever met loves to be held. There are some babies who take this holding business to...
Almost every baby I've ever met loves to be held. There are some babies who take this holding business to the extreme though.

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If you've got a little one who cries when he's not secured in your arms (or someone else's arms) here are some tips: First of all, holding is naturally soothing to babies. They love being close to you, and studies show that frequently held babies cry less. One option is to go with the flow. Hold him if he wants to be held. If you're getting worn out, some other holding options include:
  • Wear a sling or baby holding front pack - at least this gives you use of your arms.
  • Try a baby swing.
  • Get someone else to hold the little bugger so you get a break.
Another option is to ease him out of all day long holds. Every few hours attempt something new:
  • Place your baby on the floor with toys, soft books, and make sure you're right there with him. Let him have space, but only a little. He wants to know that you're nearby.
  • Sit him on your lap. Bounce him. Sing songs.
  • Take him to a new environment - one that may entice him to explore, rather than cling to only you. The park or a playgroup are both good options.
The point is to make him as comfortable as possible in an alternative position; one that doesn't involve your arms. Overall, try to enjoy this time. It's natural in most societies for mamas to carry their babies constantly for the first year. In the U.S. and many places in Europe, we push independence, but nature doesn't support baby independence as much as baby interdependence on his parents. Holding - even all day, will not spoil your baby, or make him grow up into an overly dependent human. Because his first year of holding feels secure, the well-held baby may well be a more secure and independent older child. Lastly, he won't want to be held forever (I promise), and one day you just might be the one wishing for more hold time; so hang in there.

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