Some rules just don't matter all that much - no matter what the darn baby books, or your always appropriate...
Some rules just don't matter all that much - no matter what the darn baby books, or your always appropriate perfect mama friend says. You can give your baby a pacifier. Some professionals, other parents, and books, are way against pacifiers, and all the magazines go back and fourth - it's good, it's evil, it's... ? However, even though I breastfed, I still let my son have one, and there was so not an issue (much to the horror of my annoying mama friends). If you give your baby a pacifier, he won't be scarred for life, and I promise you, he will give it up one day. Your baby can eat off the floor - I'm not saying to serve meals off the floor, but seriously, if he eats a cheerio off the floor, even a semi-messy floor, he'll be a-ok. You don't have to be a baby-proofing pro: You can skip some baby proofing and still be ok. Focus on major issues like locking up poisons, covering outlets, and placing a gate around the fireplace. If you miss a few table bumpers, it's fine. Yes, it would be nice if we could all baby proof to the extreme, but we can't. If you keep an eye on your baby it's better anyhow. He'll love the attention, and there's less you'll have to worry about. You can skip a night of reading to your baby: I'm the world's hugest book advocate; honestly I am. However, sometimes I think health care professionals go a little overboard. They can make you feel bad if you don't read to your new baby every night from birth onward. You should read to your baby as often as you can as he grows, but skipping even many nights of story time won't set your child back once he reaches grade school. What else: ??? You tell me. I gave you four rules that are breakable. Now you give me one. What rules have you broken for the better, or at least not for the worst, as a parent?

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