Babies are funny things, so funny in fact that they sometimes won't resemble you at all. On the flip side,...
Babies are funny things, so funny in fact that they sometimes won't resemble you at all. On the flip side, I've met families who have adopted children who look so much like their parents that you forget they share no DNA.


It's a strange world. When you have a baby, I think you just expect some resemblance, and yet... For instance, as a baby I had blondish curls, green eyes, and freckles. My parents both had stick straight dark (bordering on black) hair, brown and blues eyes, and not a freckle among them. My own son was born so bald he looked 80 and he stayed bald until late in the game. At 14 months he still had almost no hair, while at the same age both his dad and I had a head chock full of curls. Later, when my son got hair he did get the curls, but they were platinum, almost white blond, a color not seen in our family, well, ever. My son also has dimples, another never before seen family trait. Scientists believed for a long time that babies typically resemble their daddy more so than their mama, in order to promote positive evolution. And I once watched a science program that noted that 95% of the time, if asked, people will say, "Oh that baby looks just like his/her dad" - the program explained that this was because everyone knows dead sure that the baby popped out of the mother, so saying that the baby looks like dad is a social thing, a way to secure a father in the family. Weird, but that's what the studies showed. Recent studies show that babies do not in fact always resemble their dad, but are, like all of us, individuals. In any case, be prepared for the fact that your newborn may not look anything like you or your partner. Or your baby may closely resemble one of you and not the other at all. It's all in the DNA, which no one can control. Overall, don't worry, your baby will resemble you in all the ways that count. She may get your love of books, your confidence, or your artistic ability. She may be able to hit a ball hard or be kind to animals like her dad. You may love how your baby is a unique individual too. I'll admit, Cedar's platinum curls threw me for a loop, but after hearing everyone say how gorgeous a baby he was with "That hair!," I got over over it. Does your baby resemble you, your partner, or none of the above?

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