Today we're looking at money saving tips related to baby costs. So far we've looked at the basics of saving...
Today we're looking at money saving tips related to baby costs. So far we've looked at the basics of saving money while raising your baby and how to save money with attachment parenting. Now we're moving on to baby clothing, a major expense for kids at any age, but in the case of babies, here's one tip - they don't care what they wear. Although it's fun to have stylish baby clothes for your little one once in a while, your baby isn't going to be a slave to fashion, and will no way be whining for designer jeans. Enjoy this time. Other tips: Plan to borrow first: If you know friends or family members who have had babies, ask for hand-me-down clothing. Babies don't wear clothes for long (they grow so fast), so most borrowed items will be in almost perfect shape. Buy used: Next to free, thrift stores, garage sales, and consignment shops are the next best choice for baby clothing. These sorts of sales offer perfectly good baby clothing, and in fact many new clothing items too. All you have to do is look through the bins and racks and you can save 80% or more on baby clothing. Save your baby's clothing: If you know you'll be having more than one baby, save his clothing for the next baby. If you already plan on a larger than one baby family, be sure to buy many gender non-specific baby clothing items. Any baby boy or girl can wear tees, pants, and baby sweats in basic colors. Wait until after the baby shower to shop: This is a good overall tip, because you'll get plenty of goodies at your shower. It's an especially good tip for baby clothing though, because no one I know can resist giving soon-to-be parents gifts of cute little baby clothes. How did you save money on your baby's clothing?

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