No one can say what the best age to have a baby may be. Each woman, each pregnancy, and each...
No one can say what the best age to have a baby may be. Each woman, each pregnancy, and each baby is so different, that planning the perfect age for a baby is a tough call. There are some general pros and cons of having a baby at any specific age: Age 20 - 24: Young mamas have stamina going for them. Your body is likely in tip-top shape and that may mean an easier labor and an easier time losing the baby weight after your pregnancy. You're also closer to a kid yourself, and that means you may be a fun parent. The downside is that you may not be as settled, and you'll be giving up some of your youth in exchange for dirty diapers and child rearing. New mama pals around your age may be hard to find, and most of your friends won't have kids. You also may have fewer funds and resources than other parents, which can be a huge struggle. The last con is that people may treat you badly. I was pregnant at 25, but looked about 18, and many people treated me rudely because they thought I was too young. That's lame, but it happens. Age 25 - 29: At this age your body is healthy and likely fit, which means statistically you'll have fewer conception problems and also, like women ages 20-24, a possible easier labor and weight loss experience. You're more settled than in your early 20s, but may be just getting heavily involved in a career, which can be hard, especially if you need a lot of maternity leave, or decide to quit. You will be in good company because more women have babies at the age of 25 than any other age (in the U.S.) - so new mama pals your own age will be easy to score. That said, a large amount of your current friends likely won't have kids; they'll still be single, or a couple and having fun while you're raising a baby. Next up we'll see what pros and cons there may be if you're having a baby at 30 - 45 years of age.

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