One thing all new mamas need is other new (and experienced) mama pals. If you're shy, or make friends slowly,...
One thing all new mamas need is other new (and experienced) mama pals. If you're shy, or make friends slowly, this can be an issue. Best tips and pick-up lines to use if you'd like to make a new mama friend: 

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1. Station yourself somewhere that other mamas frequent.I'm talking the park, kiddie pool, baby music classes, or story hour. 2. Make eye contact and smile (I know, it is a little like dating). 3. Pick her up with a vanity pick-up line. Lines that no mama can resist include:
  • What an adorable-beautiful-pretty-sweet baby!
  • How do you keep your baby so tidy, my baby's clothes always seem so messy.
  • Your baby looks just like you! Note, only use this line if it's true, it's too transparent otherwise.
  • Look how smart your baby is (fill in the blank) - i.e. "Look at how she picks up those blocks.... holds a book... stands upright... etc." Commenting on a baby's intelligence, humor, or grace is always smart.
4. Look for commonalities: Listen, don't just talk. You want to find common ground. If your new mama crush has a baby sling and so do you, talk about the wonders of sling life. If your new mama crush has a boy baby and so do you, comment on the various issue related to boy babies. 5. Get her number. Don't forget to get her digits and promise to call to make a play-date, or maybe even a coffee date. Then really call within the week. It's like the dating dance, but trust me, new mama friends will call you back the next day, discuss the finer points of hard issues like diapers and spit-up, and won't care if you whine about your chubby hips. You don't even have to dress up toget together. That's way better then the usual kind of dating. Also read: Connect with other mamas How to stay friends with your childless friend

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