I say false. Some people think if you baby a baby, or help him out all the time he'll never...
I say false. Some people think if you baby a baby, or help him out all the time he'll never build confidence or independence. Not true.

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Here's the deal. 1. Babies do need help - they're babies, and they can't do everything on their own. 2. No matter what people tell you, you cannot spoil a baby with too much attention. 3. What builds real confidence is knowing that your parents WILL allow you to try, but that they will also be there to help if you mess up. Then you (as the baby) has independence and some backup. There's a fine line. Yes, there are people who will feed a baby rather then allow him to try to use a spoon. On the other side are parents who get mad when their ten month old won't go to sleep on his own. There has to be balance.
  • Allow your baby to try tasks out on his own.
  • Help him out if he need it.
  • Praise him when he does something well by himself, but don't pressure him or attack him when he can't accomplish a task.
Work together. This is the parent - baby dance. If your baby has issues getting to sleep on his own, yet you want him to sleep on his own, don't just toss him in the crib and then get upset when he cries. He's frustrated; he has NO clue why you put him in that crib, or even that he should go to sleep. Working together means you go in and sooth him for a bit, talk about sleep time, play some gentle music, or turn on a baby nightlight, then leave again. If he cries again, you go back in. He'll know you're there, and if you stay calm and keep it quiet, he'll eventually realize the goal is quiet time, which usually means sleep. It can take a long time for babies to learn new tasks, but he will, and he'll build confidence, if you're there to support him.

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