Many families have one baby, then think about having another, but the first one was so darn expensive that it...
Many families have one baby, then think about having another, but the first one was so darn expensive that it can leave the issue up in the air. We'd all like to be financially secure when we have a baby, but waiting to be perfectly financial secure may not be necessary. Consider the following:  If you want a baby now, but think, "I'll wait two years to be more financially secure;" well, a year or two won't usually make too large a difference in your financial situation. If you're expecting a huge raise, or switching to a better paying company, maybe it'd be smart to wait, but overall, people don't change their financial situations much in just two years. If you have a second baby sooner, you'll still have all that perfectly good baby gear hanging around. You won't need to buy much and the same goes for maternity clothing. Price will keep going up - cars, medical, college, housing, and more. Having a baby sooner rather than later may just save you a few bucks in the long run. If you have two kids under five years, activities are easier to manage. If you have a ten year old and a baby, you'll need to arrange care for your baby in order to attend some of your older child's events. Kids close in age can share resources easier too - bedrooms, toys, clothing, and books. Young men and women often have an easier time having a baby then older parents - in terms of fertility health and overall physical health (not everyone!) - still, fertility help later on is a major expense. You may have a better financial and work situation later on, if you have kids sooner. Consider that you may be able to retire sooner, have more elder adult free-time, and actually enjoy retirement, instead of raising kids you had at age 40. Of course there are arguments for both sides - kids cost a lot, but the kicker is that they always will. If you really want a second child sooner rather than later, maybe you should just go for it. Maybe some of the reasons above will convince you.

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