Once your baby arrives you may be wondering, "Um, I just pushed out what seems like a million pounds of...
Once your baby arrives you may be wondering, "Um, I just pushed out what seems like a million pounds of baby, so how come I still feel overweight?" During your pregnancy, weight arrives in other places, not just your belly. The good news is that smart and regular postpartum exercise will help you shed the weight.

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Following are 10 fast postpartum exercise tips to help you out: 
  1. Get your health care provider's ok before starting a postpartum exercise routine - you'll usually be ready by a few weeks after birth (if you had a normal pregnancy and uncomplicated birth).
  2. Stick to a schedule. I know, easier said then done with a baby, but fitting in exercise is easier if you plan a time, say mornings at 8am, and stick to it.
  3. Don't diet in conjunction with exercise. If you're breastfeeding you still need extra calories.
  4. Start slow. If you're new to exercise, your body needs to adjust. If you're a pro, your body just gave birth and needs to readjust. The best plan is to follow a postpartum exercise DVD or take a class, so you don't under or over-do it.
  5. Drink lots of water.
  6. If you feel fuzzy, light-headed, dizzy, short of breath, or experience pain, nausea, an increase in vaginal bleeding, or difficulty moving, stop exercising and call your health care provider.
  7. Include stretching exercises before and after your exercise routine - this will relax you and help your body adjust.
  8. Ask your health care provider to help you figure out your target heart rate, and then don't exceed it during aerobic exercise.
  9. Get your baby involved. You can combine baby play time and baby walks with exercise. Babies make great weights (be careful) and long walks in the fresh air are fun for both of you.
  10. Be patient. Your body changed over nine long months, don't expect to change it back in two.

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