This is a poll for all the mamas out there. How involved is your partner with baby care, helping out,...
This is a poll for all the mamas out there. How involved is your partner with baby care, helping out, and household issues? I've been thinking about this; wondering if society is doing anywhere near a good job preparing men for fatherhood. In my experience no. I've been thinking about this double time, because my best girlfriend is leaving her partner of 7 years. They have a 1 1/2 year old baby and this guy doesn't help at all. He never has. He thinks my best friend (who is breastfeeding), should clean the whole house, do his laundry, cook, take care of his dog, and more, just because she's there. If my friend and her partner are both at home, and the baby cries, this guy will sit there, playing gaming games and not ever pick her up. It's insane. On top of this, he's whiny when my friend has no time for him, and is super confused about why my friend is leaving him. Trust me, she's told him all this, he just can't get it. This is a guy who calls caring for his child "babysitting" A HUGE pet peeve of mine. In my case, my ex had some major issues that caused me to leave him, but one was the fact that he was so whiny. I have one child, I don't need another. He complained about me not having enough time for him, but rarely helped out with our son. And frankly, babies come before partners, especially if you get little to no help. I work at home, and even when working my ex expected that I should take care of almost every child issue. My ex never got it either. He pretty much expected me to do baby care, house care, work, and then still fit time with him in. No matter how many times I explained why this was impossible his basic response was, "Huh?" My ex and my friend's ex are not the only men I know like this either. Many of my girlfriends have had the same issues. It makes me wonder what's up. Is there still some unspoken society rule that women should do most of the work in a family? Have I known good men who do half the work in families - yes, actually more than one. However, the problem males outweigh the good ones I know. Maybe family dynamics is something that needs to be covered more frequently in education and the media. Ok, vent over - what's your experience? Do you do more work in all areas of life than your partner? OR are tasks equally split, and if so why do you think this is. Next post: a list you can hand your partner about ways he can be more involved with his baby.

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