Here's a quick baby tip; don't get caught up on time frames, and baby schedules. You might just make yourself...
Here's a quick baby tip; don't get caught up on time frames, and baby schedules. You might just make yourself nuts, and it's not good for your baby to be pressured into developments before she's ready. baby developmentYou may have all the books that say things like, "By 3 months your baby should be lifting her head!" Well, all of these development dates are simply approximate time frames, not die hard schedules. All the babies I've ever known have developed differently from each other, and not perfectly in line with what any book says. My own son smiled early, ran (not walked) far before the books said he would. Then the darn kid made me all nervous by taking way more than his deserved sweet time learning to talk. Seriously, I thought my child would never talk; especially ironic since that's all I do is talk. Maybe I talked enough for both of us? My girlfriend's baby girl Bella is so ahead in every baby category, that she should win some baby of the year award. I mean it, this baby is a smarty, both physically and mentally. However, my friend shouldn't get too comfortable, because eventually there will be some key development that little Bella won't pass with flying colors, because that's just the baby norm. The pressure from other mamas, your dang mother-in-law, and the books can be intense, but stay chill. All in all, pay attention to what your baby IS doing, not what she's NOT doing. You'll be calmer and happier, your baby will be more content with no pressure, and it'll all be good. If you're really concerned, talk to your baby's doctor, but overall babies are simply different, just like adults. Oh, and if some snotty mama of a super baby says even a word to you, read this: Annoying mama: my baby is a genius super baby - it'll make you feel better, and trust me, she's full of it.

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