To sort of end our look at homebirth safety and the whole AMA issue going on, I thought I'd suggest...
To sort of end our look at homebirth safety and the whole AMA issue going on, I thought I'd suggest some books that you might find interesting. But first my final say on this matter (for now): Besides the fact that all women deserve their own birth choices, I think that banning homebirth could possibly make birth dangerous all around. There's always a chance of complications when it comes to birth; that's not to say I think you should have a hospital birth, that's just to say birth is always different, and where to give birth is a personal decision that should be explored fully.  That said, a decision that women can only birth in one of two places, say a birthing center or hospital could very well complicate birth. For women who are truly uncomfortable with a non-home birth, well, they're not going to birth as well in a hospital or birth center, which right away complicates birth. And say they do make homebirth illegal. What do you think will happen then? Say a woman does still have a homebirth (it'll still happen, the law won't change that), well, will women and their care providers be scared to go to a hospital if a birth does become complicated? Maybe. Maybe if you want a homebirth, you won't be able to find a midwife willing to attend, if homebirth is outlawed. rediscover birth-book.jpgTo learn more about homebirth, midwifery, or hospital birth issues, check out some of the following from your library... I've read all of these, many times over, and they're all great. 

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