According to Medical News Today, July is a bustling baby month - I had no idea that July was a...
According to Medical News Today, July is a bustling baby month - I had no idea that July was a popular month for babies. That's a cool fact, although, in the case of this article that's where the cool facts end. This recent article goes on to note that more and more mamas are scheduling their babies births by c-section. C-sections are at another all time high in the U.S., with nearly one in three babies born this way. Past research studies from the World Health Association and other mama friendly organizations show that one in three is far too high a number. In the U.S. research shows that c-section rates should never rise above 15%. Higher than that, and the hospital is not doing their job correctly. A c-section is major abdominal surgery, not simply a birth experience. There are major risks to both mother and baby when a c-section is required. While there are justifiable reasons to have a c-section, current studies show that women are choosing to have them for all the wrong reasons. Reasoning such as being able to schedule your child's birth is not a good reason to have surgery. Right now, with c-sections happening at such a high rate, even doctors are urging women to think twice about having pre-scheduled c-sections for non-medical reasons; something we haven't heard too much of in the past. The Medical News Today article notes: "A recent study showed that women who had planned C-sections were re-hospitalized nearly three times more often with complications than those who gave birth naturally.*** Having the C-section before the due date can also put the baby at risk... because development is still occurring." Current medical procedure is that doctors need to advise women to let Mother Nature take it's course. The good news is that doctors appear to be getting more on board with this, advising women that unless there's a medical necessity, no c-section is needed - but not all doctors follow this, so mamas themselves need to be informed and educated about the real risks of c-sections. Also read: The Downside of C-Sections on Demand Voluntary C-Sections Result in More Baby Deaths

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