Anyone who knows me is laughing their head off at that title. I am possibly the worst photographer ever. I...
Anyone who knows me is laughing their head off at that title. I am possibly the worst photographer ever. I chop off heads, mess up the flash, and always capture the exact wrong moment. Still, I do read picture advice here and there, plus two of my best friends are awesome photographers, so maybe what I've sort of learned can help you to be MUCH better than I am.


Take the darn camera places with you: Know the main reason why I get poor shots, I always forget my camera. You do actually need it with you to take a picture. OR you'll end up with a bunch of shots all from June 18th 2005. Get help: I have this amazing collection of baby Cedar photos - not due to me. I begged my friend Sara, who is a brilliant photographer to take lots and lots of little Cedar. If you can't pull off baby pictures, seriously get someone who can to help you out, or you'll regret it. Forget fancy shots: Baby poses are odd. Babies don't pose well; unless you happen to be a pro and know what you're doing. Follow your baby around while he does everyday stuff. Click his picture over and over until one of you gets annoyed, and you should get some good shots among the bad.


Get down: Not funky style, but down low to your baby's level. Sneak up super close and click.


No flash: Flash photos tend to make babies scream in terror. Use natural light when possible. Go sans color: I'm not sure why, but it's harder for me to mess up black and white photos. Maybe because it's more forgiving of light mistakes. Also, black and white photos look amazing framed, and make great gifts. Shoot from the top: My most favorite picture of Cedar doesn't show his face, but the top of his head. My best friend captured him at 8 months from above in a nice wicker laundry basket, and the shot is amazing. Don't be afraid to shoot from above, the back, the side; you might get an adorable surprise.


Use props: Some babies will fight you to death, because they hate having their picture taken. Some like my son, will pose even at just a year old, which yeah was nice because Cedar sat still, but bad because his cheesy grin was fake and looked like it. Giving your little one a toy, a wooden spoon, a snack, takes his mind off of you and the camera. See a full baby photo guide - one where they use technical words like "shutter" and "field of view". Where are all these amazing photos from?  All the baby photos above are from Richard Sweet, someone I'm totally jealous of, and sort of stalk, because darn it, I can't take my own photos, and immediately worship folks who can. I found his pictures at stock.xchng and then found his website, Richard Sweet Photography. I'm just in love with his picture taking skills. The photos he captures of his growing baby girls are just amazing. Check them out for inspiration. I'm serious, you won't regret it.

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