Once your little one hits the one year mark, you'll have a full blown toddler on your hands. Toddlers are...
Once your little one hits the one year mark, you'll have a full blown toddler on your hands. Toddlers are awesome fun; but also have some behaviors you could live without.

toddler behavior

Sleep issues: Toddlers appear to be some of the most wide awake folks on the planet. Maybe it's because they spent so much baby time asleep - they're making up for lost time! Whatever the case, your toddler may decide naps are no longer for her, even when she still needs sleep. As she sleeps less during the day, she'll transition into more nighttime sleep, but that in-between time can be frustrating. Tantrums: Toddlers who can't talk clearly yet, but still need things, often resort to tantrums. They can't tell you that they want that specific book, or applesauce instead of carrots, and if you think about it, that must be frustrating. Kicking, tears, and screams are just her way to deal. The human shirt: Just when you think they should be getting more independent, many toddlers become extra clingy. Toddlers are super in love with you and won't like it when you leave. They may cry and scream, but at this age it's a normal thing. Many parents get frustrated when their babies reach one years of age, because these new annoying one year old traits develop. However, keep it in perspective. Your toddler will only be a toddler for a little while. This stage, like all child stages will pass. Try to be calm and take a parent time-out if you need one. Also, I've seen perfectly calm toddlers; i.e. as in they have way fewer meltdowns. The toddlers I see who are calm tend to have the same thing in common; parents who give them lots and lots of attention. I'm not talking every waking minute, but do spend plenty of time reading with, playing with, singing to, dancing with, and communicating with your toddler if you want fewer behaviors that make you both upset.

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