In most cases pregnancy sex is safe, but there may be a few cases where pregnancy sex should be avoided....
In most cases pregnancy sex is safe, but there may be a few cases where pregnancy sex should be avoided. pregnancy sexYou have a high-risk pregnancy of any kind: I know, "high-risk" is a vague term, but it's a vague topic. One woman's high risk pregnancy is not another woman's high-risk pregnancy. That said, your prenatal provider and you should be open to discussing sex vs. any conditions you may have during pregnancy. If you're uncomfortable you might need to look for another care provider, someone you feel you can talk to. If you just plain don't like to discuss sex, this is one of those times you'll need to bite the bullet and do so for the safety of your pregnancy and baby. Other reasons not to have sex:
  • You're at risk for pre-term labor.
  • You're experiencing vaginal bleeding - in which case you should call your care provider asap.
  • Intercourse hurts or is uncomfortable: You can try changing positions. Pregnancy sex can put pressure on your already large belly. Or you can skip the intercourse and try some other activity. If you don't feel like it, you don't feel like it, your partner can deal.
And when you should have sex: If you have no risk factors mentioned above, and you're not having sex (and want to) but are worried about hurting your baby, don't worry. Sex is not dangerious in most cases for your baby. Your partner's penis cannot harm the baby, sex won't normally push you into early labor, and if you really worry because your baby seems to be very still after sex, that's normal too. The rocking motion of sex can literally rock your baby to sleep. Anytime you have any questions about pregnancy sex you should talk to your care provider or even call a nurse at your clinic.

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