Make learning a hands on experience for your baby with these great tips. What's going on with my baby -...
Make learning a hands on experience for your baby with these great tips. beach-babyWhat's going on with my baby - he's always grabbing everything? Your baby is always grabbing stuff, because he likes to learn with his fingers. He can't discuss objects with you, or read about them in a book, so grabbing, and touching is his way to learn about his world. He can learn about cold vs. hot, soft vs. hard, bumpy vs. smooth, and so much more - all with his hands. Encourage your baby:
  • Baby proof so that your baby can touch items in your house with no worries.
  • Take your baby on touch explorations. Take him out to the park and let him touch the sidewalk, bark, flowers, the grass, the smooth play equipment, and more. Take him to the beach for some sand smashing or to the lake to feel the pebbles on the shore. Don't worry about germs - you can always wash his hands.
  • Grab some unusual household items for your baby. You can never leave your baby alone with items like cotton balls, fabric, foil, a bowl of uncooked noodles, or ice - but if you're sitting right there with him, he'd love to feel all these new textures.
  • Don't forget liquid textures. Place your baby on an old sheet on the grass and let him squish his fingers in clay, child-safe finger paints, and water. Just remember, don't leave your baby alone with these liquids.
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