Here's the thing, you follow a celebrity pregnancy, and some women get just as big as the rest of us,...
Here's the thing, you follow a celebrity pregnancy, and some women get just as big as the rest of us, bigger even, then a month after giving birth you see that same mama on the beach, in a two-piece. It hardly seems fair. lose baby weight smartIt actually seems totally impractical. In all truth you may not be able to lose baby weight this quickly, and it may not be a safe plan to even try. Think about this:
  • Personal trainers
  • Baby nurses
  • Pre-cooked food delivered
  • Specialty diets planned by live in chefs
  • Work contracts that may dictate fast weight loss
  • Time and money to spend three hours a day exercising
  • The best doctors in the biz
What do all of the above have in common - these are all things that most major stars have that other mamas don't. Sure, you might feel bad that you're no where near as skinny as Angelina Jolie or in top notch shape like Gwen Stefani but how could you be. I'm sure some stars have great genes (so do some of us) but not all of them can possibly be achieving their thin after baby status based on genes. You can't pay me enough to believe that. They have powerful tools at their disposal. We have our own mamas to help babysit one hour a week, and a partner who'll bring home take-out, if we're lucky. After your baby comes, try to focus on smart and slow weight loss. Eat well, exercise, and breastfeed, but don't try to accomplish the impossible. Comparing yourself to individuals with massive advantages won't help. Without the same supports, you should never try to lose weight as quickly as some stars do. You could hurt yourself, or become overly tired. And don't forget, you have something that stars who exercise three hours a day don't - many more special moments with that adorable little bundle. Way more important in my opinion.Try the following resources:

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