Today I was babysitting my best friend's little year old Bella. Of course, 7 year old Cedar was also in...
Today I was babysitting my best friend's little year old Bella. Of course, 7 year old Cedar was also in the house. This seems like a good test before deciding to have another baby. While I do see many babies I don't spend much time alone with them anymore. But, my best friend had some stuff to get done today, so I got to babysit Bella. I've always wanted another baby, especially a little girl, so it's tons o' fun to get have Bella over. BUT usually she's not over for quite so long. Here's what I forgot about babies:
  • They like to throw bowls of cheerios all over the house. Then stomp the cheerios to death into the floor.
  • You cannot take your eyes off of them for two seconds. I can leave Cedar alone in his room happily playing for an hour at a time. Bella went everywhere with me. I forgot what it's like to not be able to use the bathroom alone.
  • They decide around age one that they can't be bothered with diaper changes anymore. Holy - Bella can roll away in like 3 seconds flat.
  • They can't tell you what they need very efficiently. Babies communicate to a point - but not like my now 7 year old. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out that Bella just wanted to see Cedar's pet fish.
  • You have to give up at least one appliance. When Cedar was tiny he was scared to death of the blender. Today I learned that Bella hates vacuum cleaners.
  • Dang babies are slow. We went to the park and for a walk. Cedar and me tend to speed walk now-a-days. It's good exercise. With a baby, we went super, ultra slow. Bella would walk - stop - look - stop - walk - spin around - stop - and so fourth. Very slow going.
  • Cedar and Bella are at such massive age differences that nothing lines up - not toys choices, cartoons, activities. I can see where scheduling playtime for two would be hard.
It's likely a good plan to try out a baby for a bit if you're considering another. Especially if you have an older child. I think I'd still like another, but that it might be tougher than if I'd had one sooner, closer in age to Cedar. But if you'll know if it's right. I also forgot how adorable baby smiles are, how cuddly they can be, and how they grab your face on both sides to give you sloppy kisses. It was a fun day.

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