I have a newer blog to tell you about, one that I think you'll love. The blog is The Green...
I have a newer blog to tell you about, one that I think you'll love. green baby guideThe blog is The Green Baby Guide - but there's a big slant on money saving as well. Co-authors of the blog are long-time mama friends trying to raise their kids both green and also on a budget. I was introduced to this blog when one of the bloggers there visited one of my green blogs, and she is super cool with great things to say too, you'll enjoy the tone of this blog. The co-authors note:

"Far from trying to achieve perfection, we discovered that there are several small choices we can make to balance saving the world and preparing for our newest family members. Now that we know the insider secrets of cloth diapering, home-blended baby food, and hunting for secondhand gear, we want to share them with other families who may feel just as intimidated and overwhelmed as we did."

Favorite posts so far: The Best Eco-friendly Diaper Websites - seriously, the biggest cloth diaper resource ever. How to Recycle Your Clutter The Best (and Worst) Products for Making Baby Food Green Maternity Fashion The Green Baby Guide is a very cool blog for parents. I already adore it, and believe me I do not recommend all green parenting blog. While I can't offer you a money back guarantee, I'm 99.9% sure that if green, budget-minded baby raising is your goal that you'll love this blog. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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