Before kids you say all sorts of things. After kids, you look back and think to yourself, "WHAT was I...
Before kids you say all sorts of things. After kids, you look back and think to yourself, "WHAT was I thinking!" 484x194-thingsisaid.jpg Here are some things I said before I had Cedar that turned out to be totally false:
  • I'll never get an epidural!: Know what, after 24 hours in a complicated labor, one with threats of a cesarean looming, I took the darn epidural. I wasn't thrilled about it, but stuff happens. No one could believe I held out so long though seeing how I had induced labor and was in massive pain for over a day. Frankly, looking back, neither can I - what was I thinking?
  • I'm having a home birth - you'll never see me in a hospital!: Um, see above post. Complicated births aren't suitable for home, much to my great dismay. I was really upset about this one.
  • I'll never bribe my child: Ok, I have bribed Cedar. I don't agree with bribing kids all the time, but I really, REALLY wanted Cedar potty trained and nothing else seemed to be working.
  • I'm going to have just one child - and later - I want four kids: Before Cedar, I though one child was the perfect amount. After Cedar, I found out he was so much fun that I thought another baby would be great. Maybe lots of other babies. Fast forward to now as a single mama, and I'm thinking I'd be lucky to maybe have one more child at some point. Life throws you curves. Don't assume anything.
  • I'm going to breastfeed for over a year: A year is recommended, but all my mama friends breastfed a lot longer, and that's what I believe in too. However, no one told me that Cedar might just decide to ween himself. At around 11 months or so, Cedar decided he was bored with breastfeeding and became fairly unruly during feeding times. At just over a year we quit altogether. I'd never heard of a baby self weening so soon, and never thought it would happen to me - but it did.
  • Me, a stay-at-home mama? Ha ho ha ah ha: Well, guess what I am now? I never, in a million years, wanted to quit work to be home with a baby. I thought it sounded dull. I really used to love going out to work. I still thought being a SAHM sounded like a bad choice up until Cedar was about 2 or 3 years old. By then he was developing into such a fun little human, one I always wanted to be with. I actively started considering staying home. By the time Cedar was 4 or so, I had a plan. Luckily my work is the kind you can do from home. I'm home each day with him now, and love it. But had you told me that I'd be a SAHM before I had Cedar, I'd have laughed, laughed hard.
What did you say you never do before kids? What turned out to be false?

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