The biggest tip is that it's impossible to keep baby mealtime completely clean. If you find a way, I suggest...
The biggest tip is that it's impossible to keep baby mealtime completely clean. If you find a way, I suggest you write a book and make a million dollars. You can keep it somewhat neater by trying the following: Have naked meals: Ok, a diaper is fine, but stripping that little one, can really save on the laundry you need to do. A naked baby is easy to clean. Simply wipe and re-dress. If there's a super messy meal, your baby can go from highchair to tub easily. But, I like clothed babies!: Well, try a super big bib. I used one size up for Cedar, and the bibs with pockets are really nice for food catching. Check out this unique Red Funkey Monkey Big Baby Bib by PearlyGrey.

big baby bib

Use the right dishes: No glass or other breakables! Try those baby dishes with suction cups so they stay attached to the highchair tray. One cute one is the Baby Cie Suction Bowl in Ocean. You can also use something like the Snack-Trap, an anti-spill snack cup. baby suction bowl snack trap Make less slippery foods: You can add some ground flax meal to pasta to make it slide around less, plus the flax is a healthy addition to your baby's meal. You can also roll cut soft fruit in crushed cereal or baby cookies so your baby can actually pick up those squirmy bananas. Cover the floor: I hope it goes without saying that feeding your baby on carpet is asking for trouble. If you can, place her highchair on a hard floor surface, and place an old sheet around the base. Grin and bear it: Face it, babies are messy little people when it comes to food. However, the only way your baby will learn to feed herself is if you give her a spoon and allow her to try. Your main goal should be that your baby forms important self feeding skills, not how clean she can be. If you come down too hard on messy eating, with a baby who won't understand what you want anyhow, your baby will be less comfortable with mealtimes and it will take longer for her to learn to eat properly. Don't worry, the real messy eating stages don't last too long. Babies are pros at learning new tasks - it'll happen quicker than you think. What do you do to minimize baby mealtime mess? If you've got a helpful tip for Pregnancy & Baby readers post it in the comments.

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