As a new mama (in college no less) there were days I felt ready to drop - that's all day...
As a new mama (in college no less) there were days I felt ready to drop - that's all day too. It's not like I needed a nap; I needed a week free to do nothing but sleep. Sadly, as the mama of a baby under a year a week's rest is more laughable than anything else. As Cedar sprouted from a newborn into a more active baby he liked naps less and less - at least naps on my timetable. I had to find ways to entertain him while I basically laid down and relaxed. Not easy, but there were some things that worked. No worries: The first thing I did was make sure our living room and Cedar's room were perfectly baby-proofed. This meant if I laid down on the floor, and Cedar was playing, I didn't have to worry about him getting hurt. Forget the mess: The second thing I did was leave massive amounts of toys lying around. So what about the mess. It was the mess or my rest time. With a good amount of toys strewn about, odds were, I wouldn't have to entertain Cedar at all for at least an hour once a day. bubblesActivities list: While I laid down to relax, here are some ways I kept the little active one occupied. The pretend to snore game - this means I not only got to lie down, but that I could actually close my eyes. All I had to do was occasionally let out a fake snore, to which Cedar would laugh hysterically, I'd know he was fine, and all was well. Bubbles and singing - I'm not a fan of bubbles and me singing while relaxing; more mama work than I liked. Still, if Cedar was desperate for mama time, and I needed to relax, these were activities that kept him happy without too much labor on my part. His crazy toy telephone - you know, Cedar had this totally annoying toy phone. It played one song (ONLY one song) when you'd push a button. Now, I can't even remember what that song was; weird since I must have heard it 9,567 times. My point, he LOVED the darn annoying phone. Once I found that out, I made the phone a "mama is relaxing" time toy only. If I wanted to relax - out came the phone. Find a toy your little loves to death and save it for downtime. baby ball Lightweight balls - once Cedar learned to crawl, much like a puppy, Cedar loved to play fetch. This is something I notice most babies love. I found this super lightweight ball; the type with the holes in it, and I'd roll it across the room. It took Cedar a good five minutes to go retrieve it and bring it back to me. Then I'd toss it again. He never got bored and this game is so low-key, I could play and relax. What do you do to get some downtime when your baby wants to be up and active?

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