You can read to your baby from the very first week of his life. I read to my little from...
You can read to your baby from the very first week of his life. I read to my little from the time he didn't care one bit, and now, he's really into books. That said, there are readers and there are non-readers. My sister and I were both read to from an early age but only I adore books. My sis will read them, but only if she has to, for say a class. She's also not afraid of books though. The best thing is to never force your little one into books or he could end up hating them. Still, it never hurts to try and even small babies start to love books. Why though? They can't understand all the words. They certainly can't read yet. So how come young babies may get a kick out of books?

reading with baby

  • Cuddle together time: If you're reading you're likely hanging out, holding your baby on your lap, and snuggling. All babies like a good cuddle.
  • They close, they open, they close and open again - this is baby excitement. Believe it or not.
  • Bright colors and neat pictures. My son particularly liked baby books with pictures of real babies.
  • Books are good eating! Yeah, this one is no bonus for you. That's why it's best to start babies out on chewy board books or those soft bath books.
If you make it a habit to read early and often with your baby; books will become a part of life, not simply something connected with school or education. It'll be everyday fun. In addition, books teach babies about stories, words, colors, how things work (that whole open - close business), and rhyming. More information, including great book suggestions: Read with your baby [photo credit]

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